Call for Papers 2020

The Centre for International Studies at Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (CEI), in partnership with OBSERVARE/UAL, is organizing the fifth edition of the International Conference “Europe as a Global Actor,” on May 4-5, 2020. 

While celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Schumann Declaration (1950) and the 11th anniversary of the Lisbon Treaty (2019), the EU is going through deep challenges, as it prepares for the consequences of the Brexit process. The fifth edition of the international conference “Europe as a Global Actor” seeks to debate the EU’s current and envisioned role in the world in the context of a new legislature, a new European Commission, and a new High Representative. We seek to debate the EU’s ontological security, its greater focus on the global climate crisis, as well as its responses to increasing right-wing anti-immigration populist movements, and to the apparent waning of a ‘western’ normative dominance in global affairs – where issues like the upcoming US elections and growing international tensions have been taking centre stage. As in previous editions, the EU’s relationship with other major players – including the USA, China, Turkey, or Russia – will also be debated. 

 The Conference Program includes thematic panels, round tables with keynote speakers, as well as plenary sessions on the challenges of European security and defence, diplomacy, climate change, and other relevant subjects. As such, in addition to the presence of several invited scholars and practitioners the program also includes the presentation of communications by international researchers and practitioners. 

 We welcome the submission of papers covering the general theme of the conference – “Europe as a global actor”, namely within these broad topics: 

  • EU institutions and bodies 
  • The future of the CFSP, the CSDP, and PESCO 
  • Security, Migration and Asylum  
  • Key threats to the EU’s security 
  • The EU and other major players 
  • The EU’s neighbourhood 
  • Transatlantic relations 
  • The Brexit process 
  • The EU’s actorness in different areas of the globe and in different issue-areas 

 The accepted abstracts must be presented in English. 

Fee for participants with communications*:

  • Speakers – Professors, Researchers, Professionals of the area | €50
  • Speakers – Students | €30

*Registration for researchers with communications stemming from the organizing institutions (CEI-IUL and Observare) is free of charge.

Attendance is free of charge, but requires registration.

The call has been reopened until March 20, 2020! Notification of acceptance for this second call will be communicated until March 27, 2020.

The Europe as a Global Actor Annual Conference does not require the submission of a full paper. EGA is an international scientific meeting, organized by a research centre, which invites submissions of abstracts that present ongoing research and/or research findings related to the overarching conference topic of the European Union’s role in the world or any of the specific topics announced in each year’s call. Abstract submissions may include early studies or ongoing research leading to the preparation of manuscripts for publication in scientific outlets, but which have not yet been published in full. The EGA scientific committee carefully reviews and selects submitted abstracts for presentation and discussion.

We seek to promote an environment suitable for fomenting informed discussions between early career and seasoned scholars, as well as practitioners and the general public about the EU’s challenges and opportunities as a global actor, in order to contribute to and enrich the academic and political debates around this topic.

Proposals must be submitted through the application form available here: