Deep media literacy to increase cognitive resilience

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European Union faces information disorders on many different topics including Covid-19. Conspiracies, anti-vaccination groups made a problem of different types of decision-making (and its consequences) even more visible. Cognitive resilience is a needed concept to be developed to support cognitive security. The human domain is one of domains for ongoing and future battles. B Cognitive warfare is mentioned as an increasing risk. One of the main answers of European Union to information disorders is fact-checking. However fact-checking is an essential part of qualitative journalism, additional initiatives has been launched. With developing of fact-based initiatives, the toxic-factchecking became a problem. Media and journalists from time to time lack of knowledge about the target audiences, as well as they are not informed about cognitive processes which are not always is a part of curriculum. While journalists are one of natural drivers for media literacy initiatives, the society would benefit from target activities for journalists – to increase their cognitive resilience.

Keywords: Cognitive resilience, media literacy, disinformation

Solvita Denisa-Liepniece | Vidzeme Univesity of Applied Science, Latvia

Assistant Professor, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences