The results of the economic partnership between Algeria and EU

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This paper wants to focus on the impacts of the economic ties linking Algeria and EU by a partnership agreement applied since 2005. As a South Mediterranean neighbor of EU, Algeria, a developing country but resources rich one, have drawn a lot of economic targets to be attained by its economic partnership with EU. One important was enhancing growth level. The second was to sustain the diversification of its economy. Algeria, despite its human and natural resources, has failed to attain significant results in its fight against underdevelopment. Development policies applied are always based on the exploitation of its natural resources. The growth level attained during the last decade, have not been more than 3% to 3.5% a year, less than the level of 7% per year continuously for more than a decade, considered as necessary to stabilize poverty and satisfy job demands. The partnership agreement was conceived as a way to push growth in Algeria by market liberalization. More than 10 years after, what are the results? Is the market liberalization having increased Foreign Direct Investment from EU in this neighbor developing country? What are the raisons? Are there political obstacles, regarding to the content of economic partnership and its objectives? Are these limits structural, connected to differences between Algeria and EU on objectives of the partnership approaches?

Keywords: Algeria, EU economic partnership agreement, Impacts, Obstacles.

Nadji Khaoua | University of Annaba

Professor and researcher at the Economics Department of the University of Annaba, Nadji Khaoua provides courses in graduation and post graduation. He is conducting also an ambitious research program on territorial issues linked to political and economic transitions in Algeria. This project is based on the consideration of territorial issues in light of the pitfalls and resistance of different orders that hinder economic reforms and growth. Among his works can be mentioned: 2019. “Territories, issues and transition policy in Algeria”, In Direche K. (Sd). Algeria at Present.CNRS / IRMC. Paris. Upcoming.;  2018. “Diversity, Inequality and Governance of Territories in Algeria, Situation and Prospects.” IIAS Congress. 25/29 June. Tunis.